5-Minute Lessons

Gray Scale => Focuses Attention

And Provides Coloring Page

Additional benefits ​include (1) bonding between parent and child; (2) adding both fun and learning to their day; as well as (3) providing the tools for both reading & spelling!

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When your program ​starts with the alphabet, walks through pre-phonics, & finishes with regular phonics in both First Reading Book & The Phonics Reading Book, you have claim to an alphabet to phonics program.

Program Introduction

"Hanah already can't put it down." 

-M.B., Parent of a Kindergartner.

additional Benefits

3 Books in 1

What we do best !

"I've looked it over (and my first thought was how well put together the book is)..." 

-P.W., Aunt of a Preschooler.

School Districts, Federal Program & Title 1 Directors wishing to enhance your parents' involvement can obtain

hard copies at deeply discounted educational pricing. 

You will find a price/volume discount sheet on the Free page. 

Email Nick@DenPublishing.com  for an excel version of the price/volume sheet.

"Andrew is having a ball.  

He takes it to bed with him! 

-J.H., Grandparent of a 4 year-old.

Program Testimonials

Alphabet to Phonics Simple - tools to walk Non-readers to readers

when are you going

to GIVE YOUR CHILD A leg up?

It speaks to them ​on their level. Large pictures & large letters - provide the right tools to both reading and spelling!

Individuals - get started with our free resources, on our free page or use one of our sister sites to obtain a hard copy: www.PhonicsReadingBook.com; and


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